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Re: [nafex] Re: Big 4 Commercial Pears

  The two best pears out of 21 orientals, and many more regular are the only 
ones I like most. One is Cope's seedless, the other is French Anjou. Both of 
which I am sure I got scions from Roger Miller.


Hi all:

So far I have to agree.  I have been trying out assorted pear cultivars
and have been mostly dissappointed.  Still, hope springs eternal.

I wonder if I got mislabeled scion, in some cases.  We fruited out
enough "Luscious" to decide we did not like it.  The fruit was not a
"more intensely flavored Bartlett".  It was gritty to boot.  It is on
this year's cull list.  So is NY 10312.  I am looking forward to
fruiting Potomac, Blake's Pride, Devoe, Duchess, Nova and Sheldon.  They
are probably a good three years out.

Finally, a note to Lucky: the astringent pear you described might be a
perry (fermented pear juice) pear.  Blenders will throw in all kinds of
pears that taste nasty by themselves.  Astringency adds body to the
final drink and the tannin molecules are the backbone that the aroma
components latch ahold of....or that is what the wine lovers tell me.


                                                      -Joe Hecksel
                                                       Eaton Rapids,

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