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Re: [nafex] Spamming!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I am beginning to feel a little left out!  I would love to get some of Dr. Parmer's "spam" as I am interested in plants from that region, largely due to his tantalizing articles in past Pomonas plus the fact that I grew up in Florida.  I have recently emailed him asking for information on fruits in his region with a high malic acid content, for a little boy in the Punjab whose father I am corresponding with. I have had no reply, and alas, do not seem to have been put on his "spam" list.  OHHH, maybe I am already!  Those things that come in looking like cusswords, with "install on demand" gadgets attached, that we always refuse and they jam up our mail program, is that what you all are getting?  We usually have to turn the computer off to unjam it.  Donna

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