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Re: [nafex] Spamming!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Greg, Kev, Tom & gang:
In the past I have championed the Doctor from Inja as my few dealings with him have been
satisfactory albeit difficult, but aside from this recent listmember spamslaught (of which I
have also not been spared and hit delete accordingly) a fellow member had brought to my
attention previous dealings with Chiranj and I took it upon myself to play intermediary, in the
hopes of settling any misunderstandings. After attempting to contact the doctor many times
about a remedy for the past's inconsistencies, the Doctor chose to neither answer me or
the member with the original grievance. And has made no attempt to rectify the complaint.
Additionally. the doctor is now soliciting a number of other eGroups simultaneously.
If Greg could find it upon himself to remove the doctor from the eGroups/NAFEX list
database, I would venture a guess that he would meet with no disdain from any other
NAFEX member for that action.
Merely assuming that spam from the doctor was just a matter of course having had dealings
with him in the past and receiving these directly in my mail well, cest la vie, but to now
hear that other members are receiving these as well? This is a blatant usurping of a courtesy
extended in good faith for a possible one time faux paus, but habitual?
Happy trails..... Doc!
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Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2000 7:12 PM
Subject: Re: [nafex] Spamming!!!!!!!!!!!

Gordon wrote:

I realize this is totally out of NAFEX's control, but I wish
to bring it to your attention.

My reply:

It is not out of NAFEX's control.  Remember how we had a thread on this
on October 2nd, (I have enclosed a copy of my post below) and Dr.
Parmar's ridiculous reply insisting that it wasn't really spam.  I
mentioned then if the list owner did not nip this in the bud this would
not only continue, but grow.   Well it has grown, and I for one am fed up
with the "swami-from-a-far" peddling his goods(derogatory connotation
meant and not just implied).

I suggest you contact your Board of Directors for NAFEX and ask them to
officially reprimand his actions.   And each and every one of you whom
are annoyed by this contact e-groups and file a complaint.    

Wishing most of you the best(unless you are some spamming sob)

                                    the ticked off rabbit

From October 2nd


Is it me or did Dr. Chiranjit Parmar just "spam" the entire list with the
post entitled "Information about non-commercial and lesser known

One of the many positive things would state about this particular forum
is the remarkable absence of commercial or fee  based service offerings. 

I would strongly suggest considering the ramifications of this.   I am on
many lists, and the majority are plagued by commercial advertisements. 
I would hate to see this happen in this forum.

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