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Re: [nafex] Macoun

Kevin, in NY Macoun is about as productive as McIntosh if well-managed, but Macoun can go biennial at the flick of an eyelash.  Are your Macouns producing heavy bloom and not setting fruit, or are they just not producing flowers?


edforest55@hotmail.com wrote:

Our Macouns here in S WI are on M26 and have been bearing only a
dozen or so fruits per tree. These are fully grown trees surrouned by
other varieties in the same soil that bear heavy crops. They have
born like this for as long as I've been observing them which has been
5 years now.
I can't imagine anyone planting Macoun if this is all you get, do the
rest of you get more yield on your Macoun's? (Otherwise its a
favorite apple of mine).
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