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[nafex] Macoun Apple


    I have a 12-year old Macoun on M-7 that has been bearing for about 7
years now.  It is almost fully biennial.  Even in its crop years (and
2001 is scheduled to be one of them) it has not been a heavy bearer.
Judged against others that I grow, I would not call it a superior
quality apple, although it has an interesting appearance with
super-white flesh.  For a fairly late apple it is not a really good
keeper, and it does bruise if you're not careful with it.  I thin it to
one per cluster (which is not easy) and get some pretty good size.  I
think I am just about on the southern edge of where this apple should be
grown for top quality, perhaps beyond it.  Of the Mac crosses that I
have tried, Empire has been best for me, and has a flavor superior to

    The most curious thing about the Macoun is the way it grows
plastered up against the branches.  Practically no stem at all.

Kindest Regards, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA