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Re: [nafex] Apple seed stratification

For what it's worth, several years ago I read the Fruit, Nut and Berry Inventory
quite a bit. I realize that this is a personal problem, however, I noticed that
many of the trees that dispayed low chill characteristics had Golden Delicious
parentage. I assumed this was more than mere coincidence. ...............vic

Ed & Pat Fackler wrote:

> "Dr. Ethan Natelson" wrote:
> >
> >      Dr. Leon Atlas, here in Houston, has frequently stratified apple and
> > other seeds in the refrigerator in water containing a few drops of Subdue
> > fungicide.  The germination percentage is excellent.  His theory is that of
> > a group of seeds, obtained and stratified at the same time, perhaps from a
> > series of crosses, those that germinate the earliest will be the ones most
> > likely to result in a low-chill plant.  Those that germinate late, will be
> > unlikely to be low-chill.  For pomologists in the North, this would not be
> > of importance.  In the South, if true, this would be a useful screening
> > technique.  Does anyone know if there is any scientific basis to this theory
> > or if it has been studied?
>      My response--------
>      Yes, there have been several studies which imply validity of the above.
> Unfortunately, until very recently, many seedlings which germinated late were
> discarded as being weak growers, non vigorous, etc.
>      If folks down south wanted low-chill and high quality, you might think
> about crossing Sundowner x GoldRush.
>      Just a thought.
> Ed