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[Fwd: Re: [nafex] Blueberry for North Carolina?]

Ginda, I have had this happen too many times. I wonder how many get
trashed at the moderator level and the person involved doesn't have the
balls to admit it. Doc
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Ginda Fisher wrote:
> A friend of mine is buying a house in Charlotte, and I'd like to give
> her a bush or small tree as a housewarming present.  She's moving to a
> new subdevelopment, with (no doubt) crummy soil.  One side has full sun,
> the other partial shade.
> Do you think a blueberry stands much chance there?  If so, can anyone
> recommend an easy-to-grow blueberry?  (Or two?)  Next priorities would
> be an attractive plant, and, of course, decent fruit would be nice.  If
> not a blueberry, any other suggestions for attractive fruiting plants
> that don't make a mess?  I'm also considering a camellia.  (off topic,
> but pretty)
> Ginda Fisher
> too far north to know North Carolina flora

Ginda, I live fifty miles east south east of Charlotte and you're right
the soil sucks in that area (red clay mostly) which muscadines love,
makes them sweeter, and rabbiteye blueberries tolerate very well. A good
friend of mine, David Day had a nursery in a suburb of Charlotte, (Mint
Hill) and loves to help folks get established in this area. He is
retired now and is well versed in local flora. He only sells bamboo and
knows more about it than anyone in the area. I have good results with
Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Tifblue, Climax, Woodward, and Brightwell. The only
reason for different types is to spread the season out. They are all OK,
I,m not picky, and don't really say one is better than the others. I
tried the ones grown in NJ commercially, but only get sparce yields. I
recommend that only rabbiteye types be attempted here. Dave is in the
book and used to be a NAFEX member. I will have enough berries, if the
season is right, for your friend to put some up (freeze or can) and can
have all she/he can pick for free. Rabbiteyes like full sun but will
tolerate partial shade. Doc Lisenby

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