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Re: [nafex] apple tree nurseries


"John K. Fears" wrote:

I recently became interested in growing some "antique" apple varieties.  Like a lot of novices who start doing their research on the internet, I  quickly came up with a number of questions.  I e-mailed 3 or 4 well known nurseries and to my surprise I got responses from ONLY ONE nursery.  Nobody else gave me the time of day.  The nursery that responded (at least a half dozen times) was Big Horse Creek Farm at http://www.bighorsecreekfarm.com/ .  They have a large selection of apple varieties and will give you some personal service.  Shop with these people.  They deserve it.John Fears

     My response-----

     I've known the Joyners (owners of Big Horse Creek) for many years and beleive they do a good job.  However, like most small nurseries, they always price their products (mainly trees) way too low and in time go out of business (like Bear Creek and many others in recent years).
     My advice is to appreciate their willingness to help you and don't bitch when they finally raise their prices enough to make a living.

Ed, So. Indiana, heaven, etc.