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Re: [nafex] apple tree nurseries. Part II

Hi all:

Regarding the nurseryman's problem of lumpy demand:  I think it behooves
us (customers) to list second and third choices if we want to keep
specialty, high service nurseries in business.

I often find myself making tough choices.  My wants consistently exceed
my budget.  So I flip a coin and order Nova Spy apple trees instead of
Enterprise, for example.  It is to our mutual advantage to have the
nursery owner know that.  He/she might run out of Nova Spy.  Knowing my
second choice allows him/her to still make a sale and I can still get
trees I want.

Do any of the nurserymen out there care to comment:  Just how lumpy is
demand for specialty cultivars like Florina or Roxbury Russet?  How much
does demand vary over a five year window?  

                                               -Joe Hecksel
                                                Eaton Rapids, Michigan

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