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[nafex] Dr. Skoog obituary

It has been noted in the NY Times that Dr. Folke Karl Skoog
has died at the age of 92.

Dr. Folke Karl Skoog died on February 21st, 2001 in Madison,
Wisconsin USA at the age of 92.

He was a professor emeritus at the U. of Wisconsin. Dr.
Skoog was a biochemist. As a leading
researcher in plant physiology, he was a key biologists to
identify the hormones that cause plants
to sprout and grow having applications in farming and

His early studies were involved in auxin. He studied the
promotion and directing the growth of
plant cells in roots and buds. The auxins had originally
been isolated by Dr. Kenneth Thimann. In
the 1930's these compounds were the only recognized plant
growth hormones. He worked with
Dr. Thimann to study the interaction between auxin and
another growth hormones: kinetin. In
1954, Dr. Skoog working with other scientist found these to
be important in cell division. Later
he was involved in the discovery of cytokinins involved in
cell division. He showed that whole
plants could be grown from cultured cells. He worked with
Dr. Nelson Leonard (U. of Ill.) to
synthesize and study cytokinins and cytokinin blocker. He
had an interest in the way that roots,
stems and leaves are controlled.

Dr Skoog was born Sweden. He came to the US in 1925.
He received his degrees from the Calif Institute of
Technology. He worked at Harvard and Johns
Hopkins and was on the  faculty of the Univ of Wisconsin
(1947-79). He was a member of the
National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of
Arts and Sciences and in 1991
received the National Medal of Science Award.

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