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Re: [nafex] apple tree nurseries. Part II

jhecksel@voyager.net wrote:

> Hi all:
> Regarding the nurseryman's problem of lumpy demand:  I think it behooves
> us (customers) to list second and third choices if we want to keep
> specialty, high service nurseries in business.
> I often find myself making tough choices.  My wants consistently exceed
> my budget.  So I flip a coin and order Nova Spy apple trees instead of
> Enterprise, for example.  It is to our mutual advantage to have the
> nursery owner know that.  He/she might run out of Nova Spy.  Knowing my
> second choice allows him/her to still make a sale and I can still get
> trees I want.
> Do any of the nurserymen out there care to comment:  Just how lumpy is
> demand for specialty cultivars like Florina or Roxbury Russet?  How much
> does demand vary over a five year window?

     My response-----

     Joe, you are a rare breed indeed!!  And I appreciate your considerations
     Early on in this game, when I became aware of a superior variety, I'd
bud them heavily only to have 1/2 or more of the trees go unsold.  With some
new ones, this "surplus" occured for 3-4 years prior to selling a majority.
This happened with Gala, Jonagold, GoldRush, Fuji and more recently
     Same with many antiques, but I never really budded too many of any
particualar antique variety as the demand simply was not there, and still
     Also, it is extremely difficult or near impossible to anticipate, 2
years in advance, just what variety(s) will be in demand.
     And of course, lastly, there is the "whinning" element which has become
indigenous within our society, which in many ways, is little more than the
so-called welfare mindset (wanting something for nothing or at some else's
expense).  I think this element is foremost in the rapidly-becoming-extinct
ag profession.  Or, the masses has become addicted to cheap food and/or
anything related to ag.  After all, we can always eat at McDonalds!!

Ed, So. Indiana, (still) heavenly, etc.

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