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Re: [nafex] tent catapillars


I have seen lots of trees killed by tent catepillars.  All you need is a
bad growing season and the catepillars to hit at the same time.

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Thu, 31 May 2001, del stubbs wrote:

> Areas of Northern Minnesota are heavily infested now. Are they elsewhere?
> It's a cyclic event, some say 15 years. Healthy trees are defoliated, then 
> releaf in July 'like nothing happened', I hear.
> In our local area we've just started seeing a handful here and there in the 
> woods.  While mowing the fledgling apple orchard today i noticed a 3 year 
> old sweet sixteen with chewed leaves, but no insects obvious. Then my wife 
> spotted them on the chicken wire enclosure. Perhaps sunning themselves after 
> this mornings rain?   So we inspected all 200 trees, some are this years 
> grafts-just showing first leaf. One got it bad, there being so little growth 
> to take the feeding.
> It suprised me to see so many apples with just one catapillar per plant, I 
> thought they we're typically only in the great bunches.
> So it's inspections every day till they give up.
> Much discussion of them on the local radio, and so far the concensus is Dawn 
> detergent spray mix, or aluminum foil trunk wrap with grease.
> Mn. Del
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