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Re: [nafex] the disappointing elderberry

Elderberry has been, and still is, regarded as sacred plant by many
cultures. The Gypsies have respected elderberry so deeply that dead
elderberry wood was never put in a fire. In some places in Europe, a prayer
was offered to the spirit of edler before the wood was cut. A teaspoon of
the berries, raw or cooked, has been known to stop sciatica pain within
minutes. The flowers were soaked in buttermilk and used as a facial wash to
promote a youthful skin by Gypsy women. A strong tea of elder blossoms and
peppermint is still used to ward off an impending cold. These are only a few
of the herbal uses of elderberry. Check your herb books.

Go ahead and make your elderbery wine. Then send me a bottle.


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> I am finding the comments on elderberries interesting. I have found them
> unappealing fresh, and have made wine from them a couple of times, and
> the wine to also be unappealing.  Some elderberries leave a
> greasy or waxy scum in the fermenting container, which is very hard to
> remove.  Anyone have any coments on that?
> I've decided that elderberries aren't worth the bother.
> Jim Erdman
> (Menomonie, WI)
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