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Re: [nafex] 'Food-Saver'vacuum bags

>From: Thomas Olenio <tolenio@sentex.net>

>Will they work with standard sealing bags?  Never hurts to try, as the
>technology that makes generic bags is used to seal yours.

We tried all the kinds of bags in the house, and either they melt or don't 
vacuum well because they lack the air channels.

One may get multiple uses out of each bag by simply making it a couple 
inches longer at first

I liked the straw idea.  The way we we're shown by an Alaska fisherman is to 
submerge all but the opening of the bag in water, the water pressure forces 
out the air.

But neither method gets air out around firmer objects the way the vacuum 
does. Del

Hmmm, this gizmo has a vacuum hose, maybe we could use it like a straw.....

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