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[nafex] Re: Freezer Bags

Tom Olenio wrote:
> Take a drinking straw and place it in the full open ziplock
> bag, and seal the bag until the ziplock abuts the straw.
> Suck the air out of the bag with the straw and quickly slide
> out the straw and seal bag simultaneously.
> Easy, quick cheap.
> The only thing I don't like doing to is our chickens when we
> slaughter them.

Rumor has it that NZ uses pressurized CO2 to pack meat.  The idea is
ingenious.  CO2 lowers pH.  That is, it makes it more acid.  Acid
environments slow the growth of almost all bacteria.  CO2 dissolves in
water based fluids.  The CO2 disappears when food is cooked (visualize
how fast a can of pop loses fizz when warm).

I do not know how hard it is to get food quality CO2 and manifold
apparatus to use on meat...and fruit, of course.  Must stay on topic

Just a thought.

                                            -Joe Hecksel
                                             Eaton Rapids, Michigan

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