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Re: [nafex] deer prevention

  You have some dreat thought that added to it. makes sense.
This is an interesting thought, Gordon.

Now, if I set a fence at a 30+-degree angle, and drop the tied on second 
30 degrees the other direction I can use the space as a chicken moat and
minimize weeding outside the garden propper. Add a single strand of electric
wire at the top of the fences to discourage larger climbers and a strand at 
base of the outer fence to bug the diggers and smaller climbers. Covers
squirrels, rabbits (sorry Kevin), possums, coons, dogs, and deer. Feeds the
chickens, cuts down on weed seeds and bugs in the garden area, and doesn't 
too expensive or labor intensive.

One way or another, I intend to have tomatoes and fruit from my own garden 
orchard next year. Out of 162 tomato plants this year, I got 5 cherry 
and none bigger than that. No apples, no peaches, no plums, and the grapes 
too young to be doing anything.


 >Fences put up at a 30 degree angle has also worked for some people. Deer
 >walk up to a fence and jump straight up and over. They can not contemplate
 >getting a running start unless chased.

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