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[SANET-MG] Everything you've always wanted to know about Sustainable Agriculture, but were afraid to ask!

New Sustainable Agriculture Information from AFSIC!!


Hearty and satisfying knowledge provisions for the most experienced old hand and greenest green horn.


AFSIC Librarians have added several new components to the online Sustainable Agriculture Tools and Guides which at long last answer your deepest questions and ponderings:

  • What is Sustainable Agriculture?
  • Where are the best sustainable agriculture research and information sources?
  • How can I find sustainable agriculture people and organizations?
  • Where can I explore educational and career opportunities?
  • Who will fund my sustainable agriculture research project?
  • Where can I find sustainable agriculture events and calendars?


Don’t be shy, dig in!  http://www.nal.usda.gov/afsic/pubs/agnic/susag.shtml


Bill Thomas

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

USDA National Agricultural Library

10301 Baltimore Avenue, room 122

Beltsville, MD 20705

v: 301-504-5724

f: 301-504-6927

e: wthomas@nal.usda.gov

w: http://afsic.nal.usda.gov





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