Shiitake cultivation - journal and grant pointers needed

My wife and I got a grant to study some of the practical aspects of shiitake
production such as the effects of supplementation, substrate sterilization
methods, and variations in substrate composition. According to the local
consultants formal research on these and similar questions has been pretty
much non-existant and the guidelines rules-of-thumb. A look through Agricola
and the bibliographies of the imporant books on shiitake cultivation seems
to confirm this. 

When we have results from this research where will we publish it? The mycology
journals are very big on DNA synthesis and other important basic biology
questions but not on this sort of applied research. The standard vegatable
and agriculture journals do not devote a lot of space to shiitake or other
non-agaricus mushrooms. Does anyone know what publications would be appropriate?
Similarly, this grant will not last forever. If the organization which made
this grant will not renew, what sort of groups or agencies might? NSF? USDA?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Todd Ellner
Todd Ellner