Re: Shiitake cultivation - journal and grant pointers needed

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tellner@cs.pdx.edu (Todd D. Ellner) writes:
>My wife and I got a grant to study some of the practical aspects of shiitake
>production such as the effects of supplementation, substrate sterilization
>methods, and variations in substrate composition. According to the local
>consultants formal research on these and similar questions has been pretty
>much non-existant and the guidelines rules-of-thumb. A look through Agricola
>and the bibliographies of the imporant books on shiitake cultivation seems
>to confirm this. 

Not entirely true.  You'll want to check out the following reference,
along with the other key papers that it cites:

Tan, Yee How, and David More. 1992. Convenient and effective methods for
in vitro cultivation of mycelium and fruiting bodies of Lentinus edodes.
Mycological Research 96 (12):1077-1084.

Mycol. Research is a British publication, most university libraries worth
their salt should have it.		-RSW

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