Shiitake cultivation - journal and grant pointers needed

Hello Todd!

19 Sep 94 06:08, Todd D. Ellner wrote to All:

 TDE> My wife and I got a grant to study some of the practical aspects
 TDE> of shiitake production such as the effects of supplementation,
 TDE> substrate sterilization methods, and variations in substrate
 TDE> composition.

 TDE> When we have results from this research where will we publish it?

 TDE> Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

 TDE> Todd Ellner
 TDE> --
 TDE> Todd Ellner
 TDE> tellner@cs.pdx.edu
 TDE> (503)557-1572

Right in your own backyard (in Portland Oregon) is one of the editors of the
Mushroom Journal, Maggie Rogers.  Give her a call.  If you need more information, give me a voice call (503-283-0871), or call my BBS, The Garden Pond BBS 1-503-735-3074.