Re: Shiitake cultivation - journal and grant pointers needed

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tellner@cs.pdx.edu (Todd D. Ellner) writes:
>My wife and I got a grant to study some of the practical aspects of shiitake
>production such as the effects of supplementation, substrate sterilization
>methods, and variations in substrate composition. According to the local
>consultants formal research on these and similar questions has been pretty
>much non-existant and the guidelines rules-of-thumb. A look through Agricola
>and the bibliographies of the imporant books on shiitake cultivation seems
>to confirm this.
>Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
>Todd Ellner
I think that you should talk to a guy at Auburn University named Richard
Shelby.  About 5 or six years ago he spent some time playing around with
Shiitake production.  As I recall, he mostly looked at the effects of
using different types of logs as the substrate, but he did develop a
pretty neat inoculation technique.  He is in the department of Plant
Pathology.  His phone number is 205-844-1947 and his e-mail is
RSHELBY@ACENET.AUBURN.EDU but I don't know how often he reads his e-mail.
Good luck.  RFD