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Re: Vision for sustainability

Nice idea, Victoria!

    I believe that the world we have created,
including our system of agriculture, is a 
reflection of the society we live in, so 
sustainable agriculture begins in our minds,
and follows from the communities we build. 

   In the perfect sustainable world I would
like to live in there would be and open and
frank discussion of goals, no one would be
left out, *all* the costs would be considered
of things done, nothing would be done unless
it moved us toward or along the path to 
sustainability, and there would be a sense
of well being and community that meant that 
people did not need the ego gratifying things
that seem to result in so much destruction. 
     Trees would be green, frogs would have
four legs, dirt would stay where it's supposed to
be, I could sleep in the shade after lunch, and
everyone would go to bed just hungry enough to 
wake up with an appetite.



>Dear SANETers,
>I have followed the discussion lately with interest; it seems that
>sustainability deals with many more issues than just the physical fact of
>food.  People have talked about gender, equality, justice, fulfillment,
>Spirit...many things.
>I would be interested in hearing what people's VISIONS are for a
>"sustainable" world.  What would the world look like, what would it be like
>if we could truly achieve that goal?  Why would it be important that it be
>just that way?
>Please, if you choose to answer this question, stay away from telling us
>HOW you would get there; talking about methods will likely precipitate
>fruitless circular discussions.  I also ask that people refrain from
>criticizing others' ideas...if you have questions about what someone
>proposes, please make them true questions which show that you honor the
>thoughts, instead of veiled objections.
>Thank you all so much, I have learned a great deal from you all, and look
>forward to more.
>Victoria Mundy

Jim Wright
Box 129
Lougheed Alberta Canada
T0B 2V0
403 386-2479