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Re: Vision for sustainability

On Sat, 24 May 1997, Bruce Brummitt wrote:

> >Victoria Mundy wrote:
> >
> >I have followed the discussion lately with interest; it seems that
> >sustainability deals with many more issues than just the physical fact of
> >food.  People have talked about gender, equality, justice, fulfillment,
> >Spirit...many things.
> >
> >I would be interested in hearing what people's VISIONS are for a
> >"sustainable" world.  What would the world look like, what would it be like
> >if we could truly achieve that goal?  Why would it be important that it be
> >just that way?
> >
> >Please, if you choose to answer this question, stay away from telling us
> >HOW you would get there; talking about methods will likely precipitate
> >fruitless circular discussions.  I also ask that people refrain from
> >criticizing others' ideas...if you have questions about what someone
> >proposes, please make them true questions which show that you honor the
> >thoughts, instead of veiled objections.
> >
> >Thank you all so much, I have learned a great deal from you all, and look
> >forward to more.
> >
> >*****************
> By teaching young people (and old) that the land once gave humankind 
everything it needed to survive and by  rekindling the spirit of respect for 
all living things and the earth itself, we might be able to create a 
generation ( a movement) that will not only demand but work ethically and 
purposefully towards saving the planet and in the process create 
meaningful lives. Sustainability starts at home.


Decentralization of agbusiness, localization of family farm coops, 
educating our youth to embrace the truth and question everything.Showing 
our children, our families and our friends that the
"throw away" consciousness prevalent in the media is not and never
will be in anyone's best interest. A better world starts at home.

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