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Sustainable visions

Hi all - 

I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying hearing all the visioning on this
thread!  I especially like the visions of Bev and Jane - sounds like places
 I'd like to live too!  I also like that sleeping after lunch, Jim, though
the frogs with four legs is pretty good too!! Well-said all, and thanks for
sharing!  And, to others, if you're holding silent and want to add to the
dream, please speak up - it's so healing to hear what wonderful things we
might then act to create, from different views and styles and voices, and
the more specific we can be, the more specific our strategies can be for
getting there. 

Per Jane's comment - you said: "I don't agree with the notion that
discussing methods will send us into tail-chasing circles."  Jane, I don't
know what Victoria's thinking was on this, but I can see usefulness in
separating the two conversations, so perhaps that was her intention. If we
can start with our vision(s) and ground ourselves in that first, it can
support a different kind of conversation for action that is less likely to
get distracted and just theoretical, and can be coaxed back to the vision
and goal if it strays. Without discussion of shared vision as a separate
issue, differences between vision and tactics and style can get
intermingled, making it hard to keep a conversation on track.  I find pure
visioning a very powerful act in a group - as shown by the wonderful
morsels that have already emerged!  Then, surely, we can discuss the
methods for achieving the visions - and see them come true before our very
eyes! More "impossible" things have been accomplished, through acts of
human intention...

I hope this thread continues continues to grow, perhaps developing an
"implementation" sub-thread or some such, so we can join together and "make
it so"!!

Best regards - 

Patricia Dines