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Re: more on scary genetic engineering (fwd)

The National Organic Standards Board recommends that the class of
genetically engineered organisms and their derivatives be prohibited in
organic production and handling systems.   Genetically engineered is
defined as : Made with the techniques that alter the molecular or cell
biology of an organism by means that are not possible under natural
conditions or processes.  I think that says it for me.   I want to thank
the National Organic  Standards Board  and hope the USDA sees it that way.    
I have a question about the gov allowing the organic market to include
foods with 95% organic content to be labeled as organic and that the other
5% could be none organic  and could open the door for genetic engineering
and other poisons .  I always thought that as an organic grower I was not
to do anything not organic  not even 1 per cent and that the 5 % was to
cover ecological damage like contaminated water or drift of some poison
that the farmer had no control over (because this earth is so contaminated
that 100% was not possible.)but never did I think we could add 5% of
something non organic to our foodstuff and still call it organic nor did I
feel the packer handlers and processes had the right to add 5% of some non
organic thing and still call it organic.  What the hey.  When you start
telling folks they can add 5% non organic stuff to a product and still call
it organic you are opening a can of worms.  I feel the spirt of the organic
law is that everyone that come in contact with the organic food makes sure
that with in all his power nothing non organic contaminates it.  .I thought
that 5% was for the  stuff be on your control.  Can someone explain this
95% thing to me. 

 >On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, sal wrote:
>> Agriculture and Organic farming.   Contact the Sec. of Agriculture at
>> (202-720-3252) agsec@usda.gov or U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington
>> DC 20250 .  tell Secretary Glickman if they are going to refuse the label
>> at least  exclude genetic engineering from the organic certification so
>> that we that do not what to partake of this global experiment can have a
>> choice.
>Does anyone know email addresses for the Canadian Min of Ag? I would
>appreciate getting it. WHile I'm asking, does anyone have the email
>address for the PM?
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