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BIODYNAMIC Events Calendar


August 2 Rodale Garden Fest '97. Keynote speaker: John Jeavons. Rodale
Experimental Farm, Kutztown, PA. Information:610-683-1424. BIODYNAMICS
magazine will have an information table in the non-profit area at this
event and FREE copies of  the JULY/AUGUST BIODYNAMICS magazine will be

A partial table of contents of that issue (July / August ) of Biodynamics:

	- Ceago Vinegarden at the McNab Ranch  Mendocino County,
California, USA
		by Alan York
	- Kohn Properties, Redwood Valley, California, USA: Biodiversity in
		by David Koball, Vineyard Manager, Kohn Properties, Mendocino
	- Elixir Farm, Brixey, Missouri, USA Late Spring 1997
		by Vinnie McKinney, Elixir Farm Botanicals
	- Sustainability of Modern Composting  Intensification Versus
Costs & Quality
		by William F. Brinton, Jr., Woods End Research Laboratory
	- Articulated Tractors by Eugene Canales, Ferarri Tractor
	- Integrating Animal Husbandry in Sustainable  Low Input Farming
		by Dr. Herbert H. Koepf
	- The Nature  of Forces Pt II
		 by Hugh Lovel, Union Agricultural Institute
	- Nine Lectures on Bees (Lecture II)
		 by Rudolf Steiner
	- Recommendations for Working with Crops, Sequential Spraying,  and
		by Hugh Courtney, Josephine Porter Institute of Applied

August 8-10 23rd Annual Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Summer
Conference & Celebration of Rural Life. Hampshire College, MA. Contact:
NOFA, 411 Sheldon Road, Barre, MA 01005
(508) 355-2853

August 29-31 10th Annual Southeast BD Conference. Blairsville, GA. Contact:
UAI 8475 Dockery Rd, Blairsville, GA 30512  (706) 745-6056

Sept. 2. The Epicurean Tomato Fete: An Heirloom Tomato and Wine Tasting.
Hosted and sponsored by the Eastern Native Seed Conservancy. Tuesday
September 2, 1997, 1 PM, Wheatleigh Hotel, Lenox,MA. Free for growers. For
further information contact Lawrence Davis-Hollander, Director ENSC 413
229-8316 Maria Mingalone, Development Director 413-274-1007

Oct. 3-5. 1997 East Coast Biodynamic Conference. Theme: Alan Chadwick 30
Years Later.


Dr. Paul Lee, Author of "Alan Chadwick's Arcadian Garden" "Alan Chadwick
and Vitalism"
Alan York "Alan Chadwick and Garden Quality Farming" (tentative)
Bruce Blevins "Alan Chadwick & Biodynamic Market Gardening
Craig Siska "The Alan Chadwick Archives"
Bjorn Nilsson "Alan Chadwick and No-Till Gardening
Peter Tompkins (Author of "Secrets of  the Soil" and Secrets of Nature)
	 "Secrets of Nature and the Forces of Nature in Biodynamic Agriculture"
Jennifer Greene "Dynamic Foliars, Liquid  Manures, and the "Living" Water"
Hugh Courtney "The Biodynamic Preparations"
Hugh Lovel  "A Biodynamic Farm "
Andrea Hoff "Food Quality, Food Distribution and the Quality of Inner Life"
Mark Trela "Biodynamic Cut and Dried Flower Production and Chemical Free
Preservation and Arrangement"
Jim Foltz "The World of Medicinal Herbs"

and more.

Where: Claymont Court, Charles Town, WV (just outside of Washington, DC)
Contact: Allan Balliett POB 3047, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 (304)876-2373
igg@igg.com.  Sponsored by the BDA and the Demeter Association.  Organic
meals and lodging and camping available on-site. Contact Allan Balliett for
a brochure.

** NOTE: Participation by students of Alan Chadwick's is actively being
sought for this event!!

November 7-9. 1997 West Coast Biodynamic Conference, hosted by the
Biodyamic Association of Southern California. Theme: Water - the Element of
Life: Its Essence, Its Nature, Its Future. Featuring Jennifer Greene Plus:
Gunther Hauk, Peter Proctor, Anne Mendenhall. Additional Topics: BD Preps,
Flow Forms, Associative marketing, Bees and more! Where: Anthroposophical
Society in America Los Angeles Branch, 110 Martin Alley, Pasadena, CA
91105-1947. Sponsored by the BDA and the Demeter Assoc.

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