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CORE Values Applesauce Contest

More news from the CORE

Join us in celebrating the Northeast Apple Harvest. Enter the CORE VALUES

Mothers & Others, a national environmental education organization, is
pleased to announce the first CORE VALUES NORTHEAST APPLESAUCE contest. We
invite everyone to participate in the contest, and the only criteria is
that you use New York State or New England apples in your recipe. Entries
will be judged by food editors and chefs from around the Northeast, and the
winner announced at a special CORE Values Northeast reception to be held at
New York City's Windows on the World restaurant on September 25th. The
prize will be a paid trip to New York City with accommodations, and a $250
certificate for the Williams Sonoma catalog.

To enter, please send 6 ounces of your applesauce, clearly labeled with
your name, address, and phone number, to:

Mothers & Others
40 West 20th St., 9th fl.
New York, NY 10011

Between the dates of September 8th and September 12th only.
Please include your recipe, with a list of the apple varieties that
 you used, and where the apples were purchased.

(Come prepared with a fresh supply of the winning applesauce!)

CORE Values Northeast, a program of Mothers & Others in partnership with
progressive Northeastern apple growers, is working to build consumer
awareness of and market support for local apples grown using ecological
production methods. CORE Farmers are striving to provide apples of superior
taste and quality, while maintaining healthy, ecologically balanced growing
environments. Growers volunteering for the program will be Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) certified prior to harvest.

For information, please contact:
Nancy Moon, 212/989-7530 or Betsy Lydon, 212/242-0010 ext. 305


Mothers & Others / "The Green Guide"
40 West 20th Street
NY, NY 10011-4211

tel:  212/242-0010
fax:  212/242-0545
website:   http://www.mothers.org/mothers