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GBlist: RE: EMF

Herb Jones wrote:
>We have a bedroom that is not far from our electrical panel and I am
wondering if anyone knows of a way in which I can easily defect any
radiation away from the bedroom which we want to start using.

Exposure to EMFs is a huge topic (see http://www.niehs.nih.gov/emfrapid for 
ongoing government research) as well as a listserv devoted to the subject: 
http://www.feb.se/EMF-L/EMF-L.html if you are interested.

Probably 1/4 of the 1000+ calls we receive monthly at NIEHS's Environmental 
Health Clearinghouse concern EMF's.  I will enclose a recent emf-l posting 
on measuring emfs.  Also, a valuable book when trying to reduce exposure 
(since not all comes from the powerlines necessarily) is by Karl Riley, 
"Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding".  He can be contacted at 

Until all the results are in from the hundreds on ongoing studies, the best 
advice is "prudent avoidance."  Measure your exposure and then avoid it 
when possible.  Bear in mind that the levels drop off dramatically from the 
source.  It may be a simple as placing the bed on the opposite wall from 
where the fuse box is located.  Though the exposure may be high on that 
wall, on the other side of the room, you could very well be back down to 
just background levels.

Penny Linke
Environmental Health Clearinghouse

>>In a recent emf-l posting:
In a message dated 97-04-28 04:57:55 EDT, Madeline writes:

>>I have a request--I would like information on measuring equiptment.
 Manufacturers of meters, etc. in the USA.---for the home. <<

MicroWave News whose WEB page is  <A 
 Wave News.</A>  (clickable hypertext) has a listing.  Their phone number 
212-517-2800 in New York City.

     Be mindful that a meter is a means to an end not an end of generating
numbers.  The end is in using the meter to eliminate sources after which 
actual original number sizes become irrelavent.  The key is using the meter
to 1) determine if you have exposure and 2) determining what the sources 
  The ElectroMagnetic Spectrum Chart shows the various types of sources.
 Everything from electricity uses up on through radio frequency and beyond.
 The largest exposure many times is associated with the use of electricity.
 The three types of sources of electricity related sources are shown below.
 The differences are in how one becomes aware of each and how one minimizes
exposure to each.   The three type concept applies to the whole spectrum.

Electricity caused electromagnetic Field sources:

TYPE ONE: The devices that use electricity such as lamps and TV's. These 
the characteristic that the user can know by observation that they are a
source and has control over them, for example avoiding them or shutting 
off.   In many cases you also have to unplug them.

TYPE TWO: Sources external to the building, mainly powerlines.  These are 
user controllable except by distancing one from them, but distancing is not
always possible as some are underground and thus one doesn't know where 

TYPE THREE:  Sources that are not obvious or knowable by observation, 
building wiring and grounding issues.  These are often made much worst, as
sources, by certain types of "normal" wiring and grounding practices and
commonly found  wiring errors.  These can be mitigated but require the use 
instrumentation to find them and the services of technicians familiar with
the ElectroMagnetic issues and wiring.

For electricity use there are two types of fields:

      Magnetic Fields that are caused by current flow measured in units of
Amps and measured with a Amp meter.  This is the necessary instrument to do
mitigation work if you determine the source is TYPE THREE.   To determine 
you have exposure to Magnetic Fields and to track down what the source 
as described above, is.  The instrument used for Magnetic Fields is a
Gaussmeter which measures in units of MilliGauss (mG).  Be mindful that the
mitigation solutions is in the USE of the instrument, not the instrument
itself.  Thus it is not necessary to buy an "expensive" meter to solve

      Electric Fields are caused by Voltage differences.  It has been our
experience that we can use the Body Voltage Measurement technique (as
described in prevous postings) to determine what the sources are and to
mitigate them.  I put together an email graphics packet on the details of 
technique.  The instrument needed is a digital Voltmeter that comes as part
of a Multimeter.  The Multimeter is also used as part of the Ampmeter 

You can contact me directly for details.

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