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Re: GBlist: insulation retrofit questions

Thanks for you responses to my questions.

'Tripolymer' sounds like something to stay away from as I suspected
it might be.

Lugano "introduced" me to Weatherization and pointed out an article in
'Fine Homebuilding' #105... Thanks, I'll look that up, my subscription
ran out a few months before that, and I didn't renew it this time :-(
And I was not aware of some of the other sources of Weatherization
information and assistance.  Thanks again.

BTW: I wasn't planning to just stuff some insulation in the walls and 
pretend I'm done... I've been a superinsulation/tight-house/controlled-
ventilation advocate for years... I just found myself with a beautiful
old house to deal with for a while.  Re-use IS green.

I still have a retrofit question:
How does one protect a blown in insulation from water vapor migration?
Is vapor barrior paint the only path?

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