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GBlist: MASS of furniture, furnishings & appliances

I am presenting working out the "Building Time Constant" (BTC) for our
demonstration project. To do that we need to calculate component and total
mass, then the heat storage capacity by using the specific heat for
each. We then will have to use the heat loss characteristics to arrive at 
a final number in hours. 

But for now we are trying to refine the above. We have already estimated the
mass of the entire project but are weak in the above category. For a family 
of 4, we estimate the above at about  4080 Kg (9000 pounds). Can anyone
correct or improve this estimate, or offer useful precedents/papers on
BTC or building mass? I  would be grateful for any useful suggestions.
Jorg Ostrowski,  M. Arch. A.S. (MIT), B. Arch. (Toronto), Ecotect 
 in full-time professional practice since 1976 (Straw Bale since 1978),    
 3 demonstration projects in Canada built 1979, 1981, 1994, +80,000 visitors
 - living a conserver lifestyle & working in a sustainable home and office
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