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Re: GBlist: need help calcuating some passive solar numbers...


A computer program really takes the drudgery out of the calculations and 
can save a lot of time. A good list is available in the REDI database 
(www.oikos.com/redi). Search for "software" 

Most programs that do solar gain along with heat loss cost start at $200, 
so it may be more than you want to spend for one design. You might also 
consider hiring an energy consultant who already owns a program to do the 
analysis for you. I have no idea how much they charge. REDI also lists 
one or two consultants. 

Maybe someone could suggest a way Ed could find someone in his area. 
(EEBA, ASES, etc.) Some electric utilities run programs that might offer 
this service. It's worth a call to the electric supplier (if you're on 
the grid, of course).

A third option would be to do the calcs manually. The classic text is 
Passive Solar Energy by Ed Mazria. You could probably find it at the 
local library.

Good Luck


>I'm going to be building a passive solar house sometime next year. I'm in
>early design phase right now.
>I need some help calculating up the house. Basically I need to understand
>the numbers that relate window area, thermal mass, and heating. I have a
>good math background but don't know the formulas.

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