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Re: GBlist: Re: Malathion woes

ANovelli@aol.com wrote:
> Bonnie et al:

> It is also unconscionable (sp?) that any Gov entity would not present
> both
> sides of the Malathion/health debate, despite its poor effectiveness
> at
> pest-managment. I would strongly encourage some kind of community
> gathering
> (perhaps at your library) to document the health effects experienced
> your
> community. It seems quite possible the spraying could be halted until
> the
> publics concerns are researched and addressed.

I could not agree more. I also think that the role media is playing in
Florida is pathetic, stories from the Tribune paint a picture of
community support and heroism. It will be very difficult in such a
paternalistic environment to find the support and concern necessary to
discuss and get information to address fears and concerns about adverse
health effects. I think Tony's suggestion about a community gathering
would be the most important thing people could do in a situation like
this. I would suggest however avoiding the library or any other building
with a controlled or ducted air system.

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