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GBlist: Wood Bad?

Wood Bad?  Please consider the population,+consumption levels,+waste 
levels,-declining forest cover,-biological diversity,-quality of 
forests,-replacement of forest by fibre farms,-loss of soil productivity 
after clearcuts,-ecosystem functioning for flood control,climate 
amelioration(life support system for the planet),-concern by the human 
species; =big biological crash, including humans, but we'll view it out 
of our nice houses.  Fly over the countryCIDE to see where it all comes 
from. It is perhaps already passed the point of return for us to obey 
the laws of carrying capacity, but we've gotta try Fred.  Denny

Dear Nicole,

Why would you want to limit the use of wood products in building?

We like cellulosic products because the fibers are inherantly
non-conductive, these products are the only renewable building resources
we have, it's cheap and easy (read: low impact) to fabricate into usable
stuff like walls, it imparts a big moisture storage potential in
building assemblies that is critical to durability, the embodied energy
is low, the hassle of procuring these products is minimal (read: low
impact), the distribution impact of these products is truly minimal, and
wood fiber insulation is so superior to *anything* else that it seems
like a gift from God. Did I mention that it's all recyclable?

And need I say that in the eye of this beholder, wood is the most
beautiful material that has every graced any abode?

So please tell me what would motivate a person to rail against 10,000
years of building evolution that has just about achieved perfection?

Regards, Fred
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