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Re: GBlist: Kadulski comments on housing costs

It has been my experience that the consumer buys what he sees...period!  The
root of the problem is the contractor.  People do not build houses,
contractors build them and then sell them.  Most people that buy a home have
no idea what goes into it.  They only know if they like what they see, just
like buying a car.

The contractor and only the contractor decides what materials his house will
be built with.  And he is driven by profits, or he would not build houses in
the first place. 

We need to give the contractor better cheaper materials and methods and they
will build us houses with them.  I don't know of a contractor that would not
use a better materal or method if it could make him more money.

It is profits that give us the houses of today.  They are just easy to build,
cheaply that is all.  

Every contractor I work with is very happy when I come up with a better
cheaper means of producing their product.  And the consumer benefits, usually
without even being aware of it.

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