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GBlist: Ammonia

I figure if anyone on earth knows the answer to this question, they are 
lurking somewhere in the bowels of this list..

I have been stockpiling, for the last five years, used gallons of ammonia 
(ammonium Hydroxide 24 degree baume concentration) from my nearly antique 
blueline diazit machine (kind of like driving an old car- its better for 
the environment to keep driving it than to junk it for a shiny new one). 
I have several gallons saved up.

Any ideas on a good way to dispose of them?

The local blueprint shop suggested use as fertilizer, but that doesn't 
seem very green..
I'd rather not send it off with the next residential hazardous waste 
pickup if I can find a better use.

Will it work diluted as a window cleaner? 

Chris Koehn

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