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GBlist: Where to find bio-degradable silt fencing?

Does anyone have a source for a bio-degradable silt fence, preferably with
stakes attached?  Recycled material would be a plus.

We need to dredge the sediment pond, to restore it's capability to filter
out sediment
before the sediment reaches the lake.  Need to contain the excavated sediment
a retaining wall. Seeking wall material that consumes little space and will
biodegrade, after plants take over and stabilize the retaining wall into
a pond bank.

The material should be capable of holding back a two foot depth of excavated
 It should also enable us to insert plants through it, into the sediment,
so they
can take root.  Ideally, the material
would rot away after 2 years, and not hurt wildlife.

I made a test wall using galvanized hog wire (2"X4" openings), and separately
orange plastic 'tree protection area' fencing, both covered by burlap. Both
but I'm concerned they won't age well.

Any references on how to successfully build a biodegradeable retaining wall
also be appreciated.

Greg N. Smith
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