Lunar Institute of Technology

No, we don't really think we have a university on the moon, but in the words of the groups founder:

"We call ourselves "LIT" because we're staking a claim...
When we DO return to the moon, the eastern edge of Copernicus
is OURS to establish a school at..."
- David Levine

Until then, we are trying to find, develop, discuss, and document various concepts for space and ocean development and exploration. We are collecting together and discussing the information or references to it, discussing various reference projects, and supplying software resources to help others analyze and develop their own concepts.

In short, we have frontiers out there within our technical reach. So what do we want to do with them, and how do we do it?

For a more detailed explanation of the imaginary Lunar Institute of Technology, check out our brochure.

Marine Sciences and Development

For a planet called Earth we have an awfull lot of ocean, and we don't know much about it or do much with it. Some people have ideas on changing that.

Near Earth Development Project

From Earth orbit to the surface of the moon. Hard vacuum, zero G, solar energy, Helium-3 fusion fuel, and lunar soil rich in everything from concrete to titanium. How do we get there and what do we do with it?

Solar system Development Project

If we never recycled, and everyone in the world used resources as rapidly as the most consumptive American, it would take us 40,000 years to use up the ore in the asteroid belt. Near earth comet cores hold tens of thousands of times as much oil as OPEC exported in its best year. The sun pours out unbelievable amounts of energy and you can collect it with little more than a sheet of aluminium foil. If you get bored with all that, we can even talk about some of the planets!

Starship Design Project

The oldest, most popular, and most extensively discussed and worked up section of L.I.T. Could we send a manned expedition to the stars in the mid-21st century (close enough that we can guess at the technologies available, far enough in the future that someone might have developed them)? How could we do it? What would it take? What would we want it to do? Over the last 2 years our members have discussed and researched this topic, and have developed a couple of designs and a lot of ideas. If you are interested in finding out exactly what we are doing, or would like to participate yourself, check it out.

Exo-Science and Alien Studies

Who else is out there? What would they be like and how could we find them? Could you decode someone elses message? (We left one here for you to try.)

Reference library

The core of any good university (real or imaginary) is its library. Ours has reference materials for those interested in learning about the hows and whys of space ships, starships, and the physics that involves them. This is basic information in a variety of technical levels, including faq sheets, articles on topics of interest, and web links to other web sites of interest. Some of the articles you will find are easy to understand. Others may be rather abstruse. If this is what you are looking for, our library may be for you. If you think we left something important out, tell us where to link to it, or write it up for submision.


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