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Dissertation Information for Dorothy Melville Sinclair

- Dorothy Melville Sinclair
- (Alias) Dorothy M. Sinclair
- (Alias) Dorothy Sinclair

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1970)

- Conrad H. Rawski

- Jesse H. Shera
- Phyllis A. Richmond
- Edna Roth
- [Indecipherable1]

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Title: Growth Patterns in Multi-Library Systems for Public Service

Abstract: There has as yet been no in-depth historical study of the development of multi-library systems. Such a study requires a special design, since neither a chronological nor a geographical approach permits proper emphasis on the innovations which, in different states at different stages, represented major progress and influenced future development. A design here presented shows six phases, each of which is represented by a triangle. each triangle shows a Situation of each Phase becomes the Situation of its successor. These sequential triangles trace the development from the small, inadequate library to the multi- type-of-library system with a research component and a complex organizational structure. A second type of triangle shows the process by which development has occurred within each Phase. The triangles' sides represent respectively the identification of problems, recommendations for their solution, and acceptance (or rejection) of the recommendations. Agents who may be concerned with the identification and recommendation processes (surveyors, change agents, state agency, library association, etc.) are considered in relation to their effectiveness in achieving acceptance and implementation.

Three Case Studies, from California, Texas, and Ohio, Illustrate the application and possible uses of the design.

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Students under Dorothy Melville Sinclair

- Sylvia G. Faibisoff - Case Western Reserve University (1975)
- William Newman - Case Western Reserve University (1980)

- Sarah Scott Gibson - Case Western Reserve University (1975)
- Margaret E. Anderson - Case Western Reserve University (1978)
- Jafar Mehrad - Case Western Reserve University (1979)
- Yahya Doustdar - Case Western Reserve University (1980)