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Dissertation Information for Bruce S. Delman

- Bruce S. Delman
- (Alias) Bruce Stuart Delman

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1978)

- Thomas Gleason Morris

- Arnold Reisman
- Robert Kennedy
- Miranda Pao

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A Problem-Oriented Approach to Journal Selection (PAJS) for Small Community Hospitals

Abstract: This paper describes a problem-oriented approach to journal
selection (PAJS). The methodology is discussed in general, theoretical terms and then applied to three different hospitals. The PAJS system relates the objective information which the MEDLARS data base offers about the universe. of biomedical literature to objective problem-oriented information supplied by the hospital's medical records. The approach requires that institutional records be secured which (1) consitute a source of objective data and (2) point to signiticant clinical problems within the hospital. The data is then, subjected to analysis by quantitative methods to identify those clinical problems which are actually information problems needing to be addressed through the journal literatures The biomedical literature (MEDLARS Data Base) is used as a filter, in the above step. It is also used later to determine the relevance of the various journals to each of the defined significant information problems in the hospital. This information is then manipulated quantitatively to determine the overall utility of each journal to the institution. The utility information is next plotted on a graph, to determine the collection of journals which would be most useful to the given hospital. Finally, an attempt is made to verify certain aspects of the whole process. The results indicate that the methodology described here was able to identify the significant hospital information problems and to provide an effective library response. The system optimizes resources vis-a-vis information and can be used for both budget allocation and budget justification. It offers an algorithm to which an operations researcher can apply any one of a variety of mathematical programming methods Although its intended audience is librarians operating in the county hospital environment, the PAJS is a system which is generalizable and applicable in a variety of institutional settings.

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