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Dissertation Information for Patricia J. Zimmerman

- Patricia J. Zimmerman

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1978)

- Thomas Gleason Morris

- Conrad H. Rawski
- Germaine R. Hahn
- Miranda Pao

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Title: A Model of Recorded Information Flow in Ambulatory Care

This study is concerned with the construction of a generalized model of information handling in ambulatory care. The process of delivering medical care to outpatients requires collection, storage, retrieval and dissemination of extensive medical and financial information about each patient. The costs of doing this are perceived by medical professionals as extremely high, yet few cost figures are available. This is because information handling in ambulatory care is done by many different types of people during all stages of the care process, intermixed with other tasks. Estimation of information-related costs under these circumstances is
extremely difficult.
A conceptual model for analyzing information costs was developed in this study. It consists of three components: collections of information (packets), classes of people, and seven actions which are performed by these people. The components of the model and parameters associated with
them are combined such that they may be used to describe any ambulatory care information handling task. This facilita s cost analysis by providing a conceptual framework. To test the model, an automated system was constructed and used to simulated an actual practice.
Test runs using imaginary data dermonstrated that the model could replicate various possible practice situations and types of patients. The model was validated by simulating portions of the information handling in a medium sized Family Practice Center. Data collected in this practice was used to establish parameter values. The output of the simulation was compared to the practice's situation to test whether the modes could accurately replicate and predict information han ing costs in that environment.
The results showed that the concepts of packets, people and actions were adequate to describe the practice's situation. Parameters which proved to be important to information handling costs were the number of problems identified by the physician at the patient's visit, the level of training of the physician, and'whether or not the patient was new to the practice. The proportion of physician, nurse and clerk the accounted for in ,the simulation was the same as for the observed practice.

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