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Dissertation Information for Beverly R. Teach

- Beverly R. Teach

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1990)

- Judith Serebnick

- Thomas M. Schwen
- Debora Shaw
- Clayton A. Shepherd

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: The Indiana University Audio-Visual Center Film/Video Library: An analysis of use and users by major subject and user groups

Abstract: This study is an in-depth, use-centered evaluation of the Indiana University Film/Video Library. Circulation records spanning two fiscal years were examined with regard to general patterns of use, use by subject and client group, and characteristics of Indiana University faculty use and users. Descriptive statistics, cumulative frequency and Bradford distributions, proportional use statistics, and nonparametric measures of correlation were used to analyze the data. Observations on the relationship between proportional use statistics and the level of analysis were made.

Cumulative frequency distributions of print circulations and title refusals corresponded to the positively skewed patterns common to use studies of print materials. Contrary to common findings in studies of obsolescence, for all subjects except one, both the proportion of titles requested and mean requests per title for titles produced in the 1960s were as great as or greater than titles produced in the 1970s or 1980s. Titles acquired in the 1980s within one year of production were requested more frequently than titles acquired even two years after production, but no more than titles acquired in the 1960s. Findings confirm that there is often a delay in the circulation of recently acquired film/video materials and point out the effect regular weeding of noncirculating titles can have on circulation patterns over time.

Overlap of requests by client groups was highest between and among secondary schools, Indiana University, and other higher education clients, with substantial repeat use of titles from year to year. Client groups generally requested titles within recommended grade-levels but, except for Indiana University and other higher education clients, they exhibited marked differences in specific subjects most requested.

Within Indiana University, faculty in different disciplines exhibited different subject request patterns. Faculty of rank Assistant Professor and above accounted for over two-thirds of all requests. The amount of direct instructional support provided in terms of total credit hours and course enrollment was highest in lower level courses; however, courses using film/video had above average enrollment at all levels. The average number of film/video titles shown per course was higher in freshman level courses but held steady across all other levels.

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