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Dissertation Information for Jae-Ok Yoo

- Jae-Ok Yoo

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1990)

- Stephen P. Harter

- David Kaser
- Judith Serebnick
- Joe Lee Davis

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Field dependence/independence and the performance of the online searcher

Abstract: This study attempted to identify whether online searching performance was affected by FD (Field Dependence) and FI (Field Independence) cognitive differences between searchers and the extent to which searching performance was affected by FD/FI dimension of cognitive style.

This study used a quasi-experimental design with 41 student subjects using the Lockheed DIALOG system and ERIC ONTAP database. Cognitive styles of student subjects were measured by using GEFT (Group Embedded Figure Test) and they were divided into two cognitive groups--FD and FI based on the GEFT scores. Each subject was assigned two predetermined searches which had different search goals--a high precision search and a high recall search. Search performance of two cognitive groups on two different search problems was compared in order to see how these two groups responded to achieving different search goals in terms of search strategy, search inputs, and resulting search outputs.

The major findings of this study were: (1) The pattern of approaching a search problem was not significantly different between the two cognitive groups. (2) For the high recall search, the FI group utilized significantly more terms than the FD group but slightly less time than the FD group. (3) For both searches the FI group achieved a significantly higher success rate than the FD group. The FI group were significantly more successful searchers than the FD group. (4) Mean differences of the search performance variables between the FD/FI groups were consistent across the two types of search questions. The FI group seemed to be equally effective for both types of search questions. In conclusion, the differences found in number of terms used and success rate between the two cognitive groups apparently resulted from different cognitive styles.

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