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Dissertation Information for Ketty Rodriguez

- Ketty Rodriguez

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1991)

- David Kaser

- John McKinley
- George Whitbeck
- Thomas E. Nisonger

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Title: Job characteristics, motivation and job satisfaction of academic catalogers: A diagnostic approach

Abstract: This study assesses the job characteristics of catalog librarians working in the automated environment of the academic libraries in the nine state universities in Florida. These libraries were selected because the cataloging function of each was automated at approximately the same time in 1986. A total population of fifty catalogers was identified, of whom forty-eight participated. Data were collected from each on nineteen variables relating to job content and job context through the use of the Job Diagnostic Survey (JDS) questionnaire. Five of these variables are combined to form a composite index known as the Motivation Potential Score (MPS) for a particular job. A series of descriptive statistics (means, medians, and standard deviations) were used to analyze the data. National norms have been developed for eighteen of the nineteen variables of the JDS for government organizations and for professional jobs. The means for the eighteen variables for the catalog librarians were then compared with the national norms by use of the z and t tests at the.05 level of significance.

Some of the major findings are: The revelation of two patterns in the data: one for those catalogers (26) in the three larger institutions and another for those catalogers (22) in the six smaller institutions. Specifically, the MPS for those in the smaller institutions was significantly above the national norm for governmental institutions while that of the catalogers in the larger institutions was significantly lower than the national norms for both government institutions and professional jobs. In seven of the eighteen variables the means of the catalogers in the larger institutions were significantly lower than the national norms for government institutions. When the means of this group are compared with the national norms for professional jobs, fourteen of the eighteen variables were significantly lower than the national norms.

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