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Dissertation Information for Sulaiman Al-Ogla

- Sulaiman Al-Ogla

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1993)

- Verna Leah Pungitore

- George Whitbeck
- Debora Shaw
- Roy W. Shin

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Scientific and technical information transfer: Promoting information acquisition in the Saudi Arabian industrial sector

Abstract: The availability of scientific and technical information (STI) resulting from adequate information acquisition on as broad a scale as possible is indispensable to maintaining the vitality and international competitiveness of industry. This study therefore investigates the current status of STI transfer to the industrial sector in Saudi Arabia. The study has both a broad and an immediate purpose: (1) The study's broad purpose is to contribute to efforts made by Saudi scholars in planning for development of a comprehensive national Saudi network system for STI; and (2) its immediate purpose is to propose a methodology based on the concept of information transfer that can aid in transmitting information quickly and efficiently from information producers to ultimate users in Saudi industry.

In order to accomplish the above purposes, the study examined the general characteristics of STI flow to Saudi industrial companies, acquisition patterns among various industries, and factors affecting information flow to the industrial sector.

The study's variables were examined using a self-administered mail questionnaire supplemented by field visits to Saudi industries. A purposive sample of Saudi industries was taken by selecting those industries possessing libraries or information centers. Descriptive statistics were used for the study's data analysis.

Based on the study's findings, it was found that Saudi industries acquired a large amount of information in one year, 1991. In acquiring information, Saudi industries used original producer nodes for domestic information and distributor nodes for foreign resources. Information most often was transferred directly from originating sources to industrial information centers, and the second most common means of transfer was through the use of one intermediary.

Also based on the study's findings, there appeared to be many barriers affecting information transfer in the Saudi industrial sector, for instance, shortage of skilled Saudi information specialists, absence of acquisition tools, absence of professional industrial information centers, lack of cooperation between the public and industrial sectors, and lack of scientific impact on the highest levels of industrial management. These barriers can be minimized by the study's proposed information transfer system. The system presents ways in which Saudi industrial companies acquire information quickly and efficiently from foreign and domestic sources, and thus links information producers to ultimate users in Saudi industries. The system can be used by Saudi industries to improve and facilitate information service to their community users.

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