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Dissertation Information for Xiaofeng John Zhu

- Xiaofeng John Zhu

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1995)

- Debora Shaw

- George Whitbeck
- Stephen P. Harter

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Individual differences in the use of a hypermedia library information system

Abstract: Individual differences in the use of information systems have been the subject of considerable research. Many studies have shown that they may have some effects on the use of information systems and that there are indeed different patterns and behavior among different people.

Hypertext is a system for dealing with information in non-traditional ways. Hypertext has nodes and links, and permits the creation of rich networks of links within and among documents. Hypermedia links text, graphics, image, sound, video, and other types of electronic materials, and incorporates them into an accessible computer environment. With the development of information technology, hypermedia may be poised to become one of the most effective tools for processing and distributing information in electronic form.

Very little is known about hypertext's impact on users. With its sophisticated structure and features, hypertext may put more cognitive loads on users. There has not been much research of individual differences in the use of hypermedia systems. Are users ready to approach hypermedia? Are there any differences in using hypermedia systems among different users? How are specific hypermedia features used in operational hypermedia systems?

This study investigated these research questions by designing a hypermedia library information system integrated with interactive electronic books, and by analyzing transaction log records of academic library patrons and their responses to an online survey immediately after using the system. It was found that the majority of users responded positively to the system and were able to use the system without much difficulty. They liked and preferred the computer version instead of a potential print version, although some users felt "lost in hyperspace," a problem often cited in studies of hypertext. Users chose browsing much more often than querying, and used content-based browsing much more often than using an index. Individual differences such as gender, academic status, and library experience have significant effects on use patterns and user attitudes toward the hypermedia system. The findings and the methods used in the current research have great implication on user studies of current hypermedia information systems, such as World Wide Web (WWW) servers and interactive electronic books.

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