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Dissertation Information for Jamal Abdullah Alaqeeli

- Jamal Abdullah Alaqeeli

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1996)

- Thomas E. Nisonger

- George Whitbeck
- Samuel L. Guskin
- Verna Leah Pungitore

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Title: International students and public library use: An exploratory study

Abstract: This study explored international students' use of the public library. The objectives of the study were: (1) to examine the frequency of visits that international students make to the public library and identify non-users of the public library; (2) to identify the reasons for their use and non-use of the public library; (3) to examine the users' and non-users' attitudes toward the public library.

For this study, a group of 350 international students was randomly selected from both Purdue University and Ohio State University to receive a mail questionnaire. Follow-up interviews were conducted with public library users and non-users. The survey response rates were 71% for the Purdue University group and 61% for the Ohio State University group.

In the mail survey, the majority of public library users reported using the public library for leisure reading, self study, or for their family's needs. Most public library non-users reported using the university library for their leisure reading and studying. The data generated from the interviews was categorized into issues identified with users and non-users.

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