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Dissertation Information for Sumitra Das Ray

- Sumitra Das Ray

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (2002)

- Richard Shiffrin
- Andrew Dillon

- J. C. Craig
- Uta Priss

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Web guidelines and usability

Abstract: In this study, user performance differences has been examined over time on two interfaces, which differed in terms of their implementation of a defined set of web guidelines (i.e. one that conforms to the guidelines and one that contradicts the guidelines). Two web sites were designed using web guidelines derived from the literature. The content covered in both sites consisted of a list of recipes and nutrition-related information, contained in five different sections: (1) Vitamins, (2) Minerals, (3) Nutrients, (4) Recipes, and, (5) Nutrition Info. Various features were manipulated so as to present an Ideal web site (i.e. one that conformed to a stipulated set of guidelines) and a Non-Ideal website (i.e. one that contradicted them). Manipulation involved the use of color (i.e. with respect to colors used in the background and the pictures), visibility of menu options, color of unvisited and visited links, and, the use of frames. Pilot testing of both interfaces showed that users performed better in using the Ideal than the Non-Ideal site.

A repeated measures analysis experimental procedure has been used in this study. Types of data collected included times taken to complete each task, choices made and paths taken during each search, number of errors made, and, completion of a 'Satisfaction Questionnaire' via videotaped recordings of the testing sessions. Results indicated that user performance was superior in the Ideal than in the Non-Ideal interface with respect to dependent variables such as number of links clicked, accuracy and task times. Higher preference ratings for the Ideal interface were also noted in the 'Satisfaction Questionnaire'.

Though experimental results indicate that web design guidelines can assist in the design of usable web sites--essentially, selection of the right combination of a set of guidelines is very much the determining factor in the success of the design.

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