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Dissertation Information for Norman Howden

- Norman Howden

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1980)

- William Goffman

- [Indecipherable1]
- Thomas Gleason Morris
- William M. Shaw Jr.

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Title: A General Method of Literature Analysis to Science Management

Abstract: Assignment' of resources to research scientists and topics of study is a difficult task due to a lack of specific information. Citation counts, used currently to supplement decision making do not measure the full field of authors to be assessed. Bibliometric
measures of scientific communication, in addition to citation, may
provide-sufficient detail for use by decision makers. Two, methods are introduced to measure authors and the amount of activity in a topic. Epidemic analysis is used first to examine changes in author and journal population growth rates that may show a topic to be a fruitful area of investigation. Synthesis is the second measure, one which is related to tile measurement of entropy, and is used here to measure co-author communication patterns. Synthesis identifies key synthesizers who, contribute highly to communication. A measure derived from synthesis, relative diversity, is used to supplement epidemic analysis. Characterization of co-author groups by selecting dichotomous lists of descriptions from titles provides a subject description
for each topic. Findings indicate that synthesis complements citation by differentiaing between less productive authors. Synthesis is found to be only marginally related to citation. Epidemic analysis, representing formal communication in journals, shows similar growth patterns to relative dispersion, representing informal communication among co-authors. Subject analysis provides detailed characteristics that clearly differentiate co=author groups. Tailoring the combination of these methods may make it possible to meet the needs of various funding or decision making organizations.

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- Rita S Foudray - University of North Texas (1989)
- Min-Sun Pak - University of North Texas (1991)
- Beverly Gene Abbey - University of North Texas (1992)