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Dissertation Information for James Benson

- James Benson

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1977)

- Henry Voos

- Ralph Blasingame
- Ernest Deprospo
- Kenneth Beasley

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Abstract: The study examined the applicability of the Contingency Theory of Paul Lawrence and Jay Lorsch to the departmental structure of academic libraries. Six libraries were studied. The data was collected by questionnaire. The major constructs investigated were required differentiation, required integration, actual differentiation, and actual integration. Generally, it was found that when the structural variables, actual differentiation, and actual integration were consistent with eh environmental variables, required differentiation, and required integration, and the libraries performed more effectively.

the following hypothesis and related findings summarize the study:

1. Required Differentiation is inversely related to Required Integration. This hypothesis was rejected.

2. Environmental uncertainty and variations in formality of structure are positively related. This hypothesis was supported by the data.

3. Required an Actual Differentiation are positively related. This hypothesis was supported by the data.

4. Required and Actual Integration are positively related. There is a positive relationship between these two constructs which incorporates a tendency for Actual Integration to exceed Required Integration.

5. Actual Differentiation and Actual Integration are inversely related. Two analyses were conducted on these constructs. One looking at differences among the libraries studied failed to support the hypothesis. The other analysis, examining similarities among the libraries supported this hypothesis.

6. Those libraries where required and Actual Differentiation and Required an Actual Integration are consistent will perform more effectively than those where they are not consistent. When it is assumed that higher than Required Integration is consistent with good organizational fit, the data supports this hypothesis.

7. Libraries' locus of influence will be centralized in the administration. The hypotheses was supported by the data.

8. Libraries will use the style of conflict resolution preferred by their staffs. This hypothesis was not supported by the data.

9. Libraries are relatively highly integrated. More libraries were highly integrated than not. All Libraries were at least moderately integrated.

10. Libraries are relatively highly integrated. More libraries were highly integrated than not. All libraries were at least moderately integrated.

11. Differences in Group Atmosphere among Library Departments are positively related to Required Differentiation. Partial support for this hypothesis was found. The data justified incorporating Differences in Group Atmosphere into the Required differentiation construct. When this was done, it improved the relationship between organizational fit and the library performance measures were used.

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