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Dissertation Information for Mohammad Husien Dayani

- Mohammad Husien Dayani

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1980)

- Ralph Blasingame

- Thomas H. Mott Jr.
- Jeffrey Smith
- Andrea Claire Dragon

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Abstract: This study examined the applicability of the managerial role-requirement theory of John B. Miner to academic library settings and for academic library managers. Two questions were considered highly important for the study: (1) whether Miner Sentence Completion Scale (MSCS) which is constructed based on the managerial role requirements theory is able to differentiate managers from non-managers in academic libraries? (2) whether there are direct and meaningful associations among the MSCS measures and the variables of success in occupational career and the variables of job behaviors as they are reflected on 42 critical requirements of an executive job.

It was hypothesized that managers in large and small-sized academic libraries do not score differently from non-managers in the same settings on variables of MSCS--Authority Figures, Competitive Games, Competitive Situations, Assertive Role, Imposing Wishes, Standing Out From Group, Routine Administrative Functions, Total Scores and Rare Scores.

It was also hypothesized that the MSCS measures are positively associated with occupational success criteria--annual salaries, position levels, number of promotions, promotion rates and professional activities--and managerial job behavior variables--planning, organization, and execution of policy, Relation with Associates, Coordination and Integration of Activities, Technical Competence, Work Habits and Adjustment to the Job.

137 professional librarians (managers and non-managers) who are on the staff of eleven ARL university libraries on the east coast of the United States participated in the second phase of the study and 56 professional librarians participated in the first and the third phases of the study.

Several studies conducted by Miner and others during the last two decades showed that the MSCS is able to differentiate between managers and non-managers in large and hierarchically structured organizations. This study shows that the MSCS works in large academic libraries in that managers found two scores significantly higher than non-managers on both comprehensive measures of MSCS, the Item Score and the Rare Score.

Studies conducted by Miner as well as other studies in this area demonstrated a positive association between MSCS scores of managers and their success in managerial career scores. The present study shows that such a relationship is not visible for managers in academic libraries. Instead direct and significant associations were found between MSCS measures and variety of criteria related to success in occupational career of professional librarians in non-managerial positions.

A comparison of the Item Score and the Rare Score distributions (two comprehensive measures of managerial role requirements theory) indicated that: (1) the academic library managers score somewhat lower than business managers; (2) the academic library managers and school administrators scored similar on the Item Score; (3) the academic library managers scored somewhat higher than the school administrators on the Rare Score.

The results of this study are tentative. They should not be generalized to other ARL libraries unless studies with a larger sample confirm them. This study points up several areas for future research including concentrating on subjects employed in one organization, the identification of variables which are accountable for success in managerial career and the assessment of their relationships to the performance of managers in academic library settings.

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